Monday, September 24, 2007

Grandma to Be

Just a few thoughts from a grandma to be. Well, I am 43 and in 5 weeks there will be a precious little boy to steal my heart away! My daughter is naming him Brian Christian and that was going to be her name if she had been a boy so you can imagine how my husband and I feel. We found out about him pretty early on in her pregnancy so we have had a lot of time to get used to the idea of this new addition to our family. While initially my husband and I were shocked and sad for our daughter - she quickly showed us the power of positive thinking and taught us a lesson in making lemonade!

See, she was only 17 and had not yet finished high school when this happened so we were just scared for her. We had so many concerns and worries about her future and how we were going to be able to help her with this life changing event. When we told our families we held our breath waiting for judgement and for the most part - we were given support and prayers. Sure, as an adult who has lived a bit of life - it can be hard to watch your little girl grow up so fast and with so much at stake - the life of another human being. It can be daunting and all a mother wants for her child is to be ok.

Sure, we had plans for her - we wanted her to be able to take the time in her young adulthood to dream and discover herself and the world and where she might want to fit into it. We were never the parents who told our children you're going to be this or that - we are the parents who said you could be anyone you want to be - just desire it and work for it and it will happen. We just didn't expect that she would choose motherhood as her dream so soon - but I should have given how many times she asked me to have more children for her. She has always loved children and everyone was always calling for her to babysit because she was so good with kids. So even though we were surprised to find out she was pregnant we were definitely not surprised by her decision to keep and raise her baby.

Well, she persevered through morning sickness and her own fears and finished high school and is working hard (at two jobs) to get ready for his arrival. She turned 18 this summer and moved in with the baby's father. Everyday I have worried about her - her growing baby and her future. That's what mothers do right?

Well here we are - 5 weeks away and I couldn't be more excited for his arrival! I think the reason is due to her infectious positive attitude and her desire for being this baby's mother. I have never known anyone who wanted a baby as much as she wants him. I know she will make more dreams and she will make sure that Brian is the reason she will make them come true.

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