Sunday, May 11, 2008

Brian is my boo

066, originally uploaded by Nikongirl's Photoshop.

Gotta love the little man with the hat! I sure do!!

I wuv u gam gam

I wuv u gam gam, originally uploaded by Nikongirl's Photoshop.

How could anyone resist such a sweet face?!! He's the very best grandson in the whole world - I love you Bri Bri - I miss you tons!!!


I just love this picture of Brian. I love him so much and oh how I miss him! He's the best boy in the world and I can't wait to hold him and give him tons of kisses again!

Leaving Alaska

We left Eagle River, Alaska yesterday after spending the morning with Rachel and Brian. We also went to the DMV to transfer the title of her truck to her and to renew my driver’s license. WE said our goodbyes and packed the truck and took off around 2pm. We arrived in Tok, AK around 7pm and we checked into the Main Street Motel. The room was small and clean with wifi. We had burgers at the Grumpy Grizz and called it a night at around 10pm (very early for us). We wanted to get up at 5am to get a good start for driving to Whitehorse. At around 2am Daisy & Minnie woke us up to go outside and they ran around for a few minutes, came back inside and then decided to eat dinner. Spent an hour listening to them eat and wag their tails against the bed. Finally fell back asleep and 525am wake up became 6am get up.

We ate breakfast at the Grumpy Grizz – DELICIOUS!! Stopped at the Tok Welcome center and took a couple of pictures and then we left Tok, AK at 804am this morning. It was a 90 mile drive to the border of Canada. We stopped at the International Border marker and took some pictures and the girls, Minnie and Daisy had a nice little jaunt around, sniffing and checking out the surroundings. There was a guy there taking pictures with his GI Joe doll (he said it was a Russian soldier) and as we were getting back in the truck, we saw him go over to the Alaska sign wearing a fake Groucho Marx nose and glasses. We had a chuckle and kept going. 20 miles later, we stopped at the Canadian Customs station and showed our documents and declared our 3 Coronas.

12:31pm (PST) - We are currently somewhere between Beaver Creek and Haines Junction. The roads are waffled, bumpy with lots of dips; making it feel like we’re on a roller coaster. We are averaging about 40mph (65kph) through this area of the Yukon. The mountains are gorgeous and we have seen a few frozen lakes and lots of snow on White River still. We have no one traveling in our direction on the road and we’ve passed a handful of RVs and semis going to Alaska. It must still be early in the tourist season. We were listening to ABBA but we needed something a bit more pick me up so it’s AC/DC and Hell’s Bells, Shoot to Thrill and whatever else is next. It’s a beautiful sunny day with temperatures just above 50. The mountains are amazingly beautiful and this drive reminds me of driving to Denali National Park (except the roads there are better). There’s the usual Black Spruce forest at the base of the mountains.

3:15pm – we just went through Haines Junction and now we’re on our way to Whitehorse, should be there by 5pm. We can’t believe how much snow and ice is on the ground and the lakes. We traveled along Lake Kluane for over 45 minutes and it was covered with ice from shore to shore. When we came through 6 years ago – the lake was the most beautiful shade of turquoise.

5:06pm – arrived in Whitehorse, made a stop at the Wal-Mart for an ipod adapter because we only have 6 CDs in the truck and we’re already sick of them. We checked into the Westmark hotel on the main street in Whitehorse. Tried to reach Rachel with the calling card, no answer (no surprise) – did you know that calling cards expire? I didn’t until this evening, but the guy at AT&T was very nice and helpful and extended my expiration until May 2010.

8:54pm – Just got back from dinner at Boston’s Pizza; so good here in Whitehorse, not so good in Anchorage. Amy, our waitress, was very helpful in recommending a place in Fort Nelson (our next stop) to stay with the dogs. Brad is making the reservations. After dinner, we took the dogs to a park next to the Yukon River and turned them loose. Boy did they run and run and run!! They really needed to stretch their legs. Minnie and Daisy are doing really well on this trip, although I think Minnie is not eating as well as she should. As long as they’re with us, they are happy. As far as they will run, they will come back to us that fast!

Well, gonna try and chat with my daughter whose online. More soon!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mirror Lake

mirror lake4, originally uploaded by Nikongirl's Photoshop.

I took this on the way back from Seward 4 years ago when my dad came to visit.

Jump Jump Jumparoo!

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler: Encore

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

Too Much Candy

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