Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cabin Fever

I quit my job as a swim instructor this week and I have been having a cabin fever type feeling about quilting. I have an enormous stash in my basement and in my sewing room and I have been going through UFOs (unfinished offerings) and sorting through all the "kits" I put together with wonderful patterns that I thought would be fun to make. Of course, time has gotten away from me with the series of events from this past year and half of the "kits" are not together with their patterns (or books). SO much for organization!
Anywho, I am moving to Kentucky from Alaska (after 6 years here) in 9 weeks. I obviously have a lot to do just with packing and purging, but I can't seem to fold up my fabric tent just yet. It's crazy I know, practicality should win over and I should get my butt in gear; but, the muse is calling and she is determined to get some creative juices flowing.
I have been working on a BOM with my great, awesome friend Lori, my wonderful Sarah and my beautiful daughter Rachel and some new friends across the country and world. Well, it is going extremely well, almost too well! I have been quite prolific in my sewing and am ahead on my blocks. <-----AHEAD! We are only finishing the second block. See, this all started when my friend Lori and I were together after the birth of my grandson and awaiting the birth of hers. I was confessing to her all the doubts and disappointments I had experienced over the past few years and Lori, being the upbeat, positive woman that she is, said we need to do something about this slump you're in. Hence, the LL Super Sampler BOM was born. Then it quickly spread among our friends and now we have our own website.
Anywho, don't know where all that came from, but I am struggling with wanting to sew all day and night and getting my household packed. Funny, that my cabin fever isn't tring to push me out of the cabin.

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