Monday, September 29, 2008

My Budding Photographer

Rachel.tif, originally uploaded by Nikongirl's Photoshop.

Just winding down memory lane and cleaning up my backup drives when I came across this wonderful photo of my daughter, Rachel. She was about 11 or 12 here. We had gone to Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida and the boys went off on all the rides and she tagged along with me to photograph all the wildlife. What a patient model she was, and still is. She is one of my four favorite subjects to photograph. I just wanted to share those beautiful baby blues with you today.


Papamoka said...

Thank you so much for adding Papamoka Straigt Talk to your blog roll. We returned the courtesy and appreciate your support.

Was the moose in your yard? That a beautiful picture. We had one here in Worcester recently and they put it down. I think they could have tranqued it and just moved it out to the Berkshires but this is a heavily populated area.

Papamoka said...

I'll be back to check out the great pictures. You have a gift my friend and you should enjoy it.

Laura said...

Thanks for the positve feedback. Sorry about the email - I told Papamoka that there were actually two moose and here's the link to see them.

I spent about 6-7 hours that day following them and hanging out shooting them, with my camera of course. No moose were harmed and eventually the game and wildlife people shooed them back into the forest, which was fairly close by. I had one of my BEST days in Alaska!

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