Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sh1t the Gorgeous Green Monster

This is Sh1t, the gorgeous green monster, who travelled all the way from Scotland to be with me. I bought him from Fi at Moose and Bear Crafts to accompany my Dammit doll. I got her a long time ago from a friend who must have thought I would need her at different moments in my life.

One of the main attractions I have towards Sh1t, the gorgeous green monster, besides his lovely smile and wonderful green color, is his name. It happens to be my dad's favorite word. He didn't like cussing, in fact he would get mad ifsomeone started using profanity but he loved the word Sh1t and I think partly because it pissed off my aunt.
When he passd away, the minister came to his house to discuss the memorial with my brother and I. My daughter was sitting with us and the minister asked her what she would remember most about her grandfather. What was the most important thing he taught her, and she thought for a moment and said - "Sh1t, he taught me how to say his favorite word, sh1t." The minister smiled with a lot of understanding - she knew my dad well.
I love my new monster Sh1t and I think my dad would have too.

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